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Mike Ormsby is a British author. He is currently based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Books: Never Mind the Vampires, Here’s Transylvania (2017); Palincashire – Tales of Transylvania (2017); Child Witch Kinshasa (2013); Child Witch London (2014); Spinner the Winner (2012); Never Mind the Balkans, Here’s Romania (2008); Grand Bazar Romania (2008)

Scripts: In Her Own Image (2000); Enfants dits Sorciers (2002); Hey Mr DJ (2007). 

Journalist/BBC World Service trainer: 1990-97 

Professional musician: 1983-90 

Education: Cardiff University 1979-83; Maricourt High School, Liverpool, 1970-77

28 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong: positive comments about the webside and you see beer bottles Mike. I’m in!:)
    Felicitari pentru pagina! Te pup! I’m a fan, so I’m looking forward for more!!


  2. this is the biz, you truly fiz – and all the pics, not just a brill writer but a techno wiz

    who’s gonna fight the Modern Day War? Why, you are!


  3. Oy, mate, nice site. Dad just back from L’pool, said you were Internet-mad & I should look you up.

    Was trying to find out if you were on twitter or not, but no dice so far.

    Drop me an email or give us a follow-up comment.


  4. Transylvanians do have beautiful big eyes, I love this picture of you!
    Are you going to tell us about Baku too? I personally am interested for some future reasons.


  5. Hi Mike
    I am a friend of Aurel Lazar, your friend doctor in Bucharest, who is still thinking why you disapeared. He has read about you in newspaper and wants to hear about you.


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  7. Hi Mike! Uau…I discovered your ‘Never mind the Balkans…’ while surfing in Kindle (free) store, jumping from Napoleon stories -> Cesar’s Commentaries -> Dacians to Romanian related books. You are so – by far – the nicest surprise lately that I dare to say those are the best 4.6 dollars well spent (it deserves much more, no doubt about that – so much that the money can’t buy) and yours the first book I have actually paid for on Kindle store. Your insight into Romanian spirit and every-day life is remarkable – puts to shame many Romanians – including me of course. On top of that, me and my husband both detected a slight Ross MacDonald’like turn of phrase that sounds like great literature without diminishing in way your originality. Bravo! Thank you! Excellent! We want more… Dana & Dan.


    • Hi Dana and Dan, thank you for reading my book and taking the trouble to post such kind words. Not sure who Ross MacDonald is, will Google. For more on Romania, try the ‘Columns’ tab on this blog, where you’ll find my work for FHM/Playboy, some of the stories are about Romania, 850 words each time, so quite short; columns are in both languages. Multumesc si numai bine! Mike PS. Where are you based?


      • You don’t have to – we thank you! We are based 30 km south of Brussels. Feel free to drop by anytime, just let us know…

        Kind Regards, Dana & Dan


      • You don’t have to – we thank you! We are based 30 km south of Brussels. Feel free to drop by anytime, just let us know…

        Kind Regards,


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  9. Hi Mike, just read ‘Never mind the Balkans’ after a return visit to Romania in May this year. First trip was in 2004 to a small ( impoverished) village 30 kms south of Bucharest. Loved the experience in 2004 meeting my 83 year old aunt for the first time and experiencing the resilience and resourcefullness of the people. The last trip was perhaps seen through a different set of eyes. I was struck by the pessimism, insecurity and despair in many of the people I met. We stayed with family friends a block from Parliament of which your descriptions matched mine perfectly. So enjoyed reading the book. Resonated with so many of my experiences.


  10. Hi mike, just picked up one of your books in a bookshop in Brasov and was charmed to find your autograph in it.lovely. Will enjoy the book on the train to Chisinau


  11. Hello Mike,

    Just finished reading “Never mind the Balkans” which I got from a Mexican colleague. He told me he wants to visit Romania only because of your book. What can I say, never been a fan of Romania… The overall feeling I get after reading the book it’s mixed, hated it but loved it at the same time. I’m planning a trip to Romania, to see all those places I haven’t had the chance to visit while being there. I’d like pretty much to have a drink with you, is there a beer with my name on it? :))

    Toate cele bune,


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