FICTION: Child Witch

Congolese street kid seeks home.
Foreign journalist wants to help.
The devil is in the detail.
Part One
It’s Spring 2002 and Frank Kean is training journalists in troubled Congo. When he learns that religious zealots are torturing and murdering so-called child witches, his reporter’s instincts kick in. Why so little news coverage of these ‘exorcisms’? He is determined to break the silence.
In a remote village, Pastor Precious arrives to battle Satan. Twelve-year-old Dudu faces a torrent of accusations and is forced to flee, far from home. He swears he is not a witch, but evidence suggests otherwise.
When Frank meets Dudu in Kinshasa, he sees a chance to help the wary street kid, even if it means crossing the line and making promises he may be unable to keep.
But can they trust each other in a crisis?
Altruism and scepticism clash in the shadow of a bloody and relentless civil war.
CHILD WITCH KINSHASA  -  every journey should test us; if not, why travel?

          The story continues in CHILD WITCH LONDON…            

It’s summer 2002 and Frank returns home to England. Family life implodes, and tragedy strikes.
Is it bad luck? Or black magic, retribution by sorcery for betraying Dudu, the homeless kid he befriended in Kinshasa? 
Friendship and fear collide in the peaceful suburbs of UK.
Just because you want to help, it doesn’t mean you can
Coming March 1, 2014  


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